Loyalty bonuses at betting companies

Betting companies are constantly working on marketing policies to attract, retain and reward players in a highly competitive environment. One common tool in recent years has been loyalty bonuses, which together with welcome bonuses make up the so-called BC loyalty programme. Let’s look at what it is, what bookmaker bonuses are and who can count on them below.


Loyalty bonuses for regular users

While it is not necessary to have special loyalty programmes for bookmakers, more and more companies are using them to attract and reward players and to scale their business in existing or new markets. Moreover, the format and size of the rewards may be uniform across the network or may differ, depending on which portal the player chooses. The most common bookmaker bonuses:

  • additional points which can be used for betting or converted into cash;
  • weekly, monthly or quarterly refund for the lost bets – a kind of cacheback, its volume is agreed in advance and tied to the amount lost;
  • targeted bonuses that can be spent on specific betting systems or parlays – aimed at fans of complex bets.

BK loyalty programmes are usually calculated by experts to be beneficial to both parties. Although they require the company to give up some of its profits, they motivate players to bet more actively. And sometimes they are just a timely reminder about the bookmaker, if the client is carried away by another portal.

As a rule, the loyalty programs described above are available for players who use the services of the site for a certain time, or have deposited a certain amount of money and bet a certain number of times. Also, they may be run for all users without exception on various events – New Year, the portal’s Birthday, etc.   


Individual betting bonuses

Loyalty bonuses can be either general or individual. Individual loyalty programmes are designed for the most profitable customers, who reduce their activity or stop betting altogether. In this case, the betting company decides that it is likely that the client has switched to another site and takes various actions to win him back. In this situation, more personalised rewards are used, not only in terms of money or betting points, but also in terms of valuable gifts. For example, a marketing service can research the user’s interests in social media to offer a really important thing to them.

One option for individual loyalty bonuses can even be participation in charity events. This is when an agreed proportion of the money from a client’s bets will be used to fund community needs or have targeted support. More often than not, BKs cooperate with foundations to promote children’s sport or to support athletes with disabilities.


Player incentives

BK’s loyalty program, if properly organized, is an extremely effective marketing tool. But remember, no rewards will keep a player on your site if he is not happy with the quality of service, the size of the odds, or the variety of betting lines. And too great rewards provoke bonus hunters to wander from one portal to another, hoping to make money on the welcome, promotional and incentive balls. However, such activities are always monitored by security services and quickly suppressed. So, it is often more profitable for the player just to choose a good BK and stay with it as long as possible to get big rewards.  

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