5 facts, where is the modern betting industry going? Recent trends

Any business is likely to evolve and change over time. The betting industry is no exception. The leading experts in the field of sports betting say that the betting business of today is not the same as it was 10 years ago. And only those companies that have grasped the need to change in line with the latest trends really have a future and prospects to scale.


Fighting stereotypes

In contrast to an established reputation, good bookmakers do not need gamblers at all, who are prepared to lose the last of their money on risky betting. Moreover, betting shops suffer significant reputational losses if it turns out that their business has left someone without a roof over their head and their last means of livelihood. In a civilized betting industry the most preferred client is a common person who understands the risks adequately and perceives betting on sports as a pleasant pastime, rather than a way to make money. He is well aware of how much he is ready to spend during a day, a week or a month. Betting on sports is like ordering in a restaurant – based not only on one’s desires, but also on one’s abilities.

Bookmakers who value their reputation as much as Melbet India will never advertise their services as a way to make quick and easy money. Also, their advertising is never aimed at minors.


Go online

Betting portals have been around before, but the pandemic has led to even those who didn’t seek to go online before. And the old-timers began to develop their sites more closely, working on their attractiveness and usability. The share of specialist mobile apps has increased significantly, and this trend will continue.


Legalisation of business

While in the past betting shops were often illegal, today large companies are seeking to do business legally. Fortunately, the laws of many countries are going to meet them and sports betting is already officially allowed in a number of European countries, where betting activities were banned until recently. It should also be noted that most players try to choose licensed portals, because they:

  • reliable;
  • safer;
  • have quality software;
  • subordinate to the law.

In case of erroneous blocking or other controversial situations, it is much more likely to get justice in dealing with a bookmaker that provides services legally. Among licensed betting companies, it is much rarer for a portal to simply disappear along with all the players’ deposits.  


Alternative offers

The coronavirus pandemic has hit many sporting events, affecting bookmakers’ revenues as well. To get out of the situation, BKs have expanded their betting offerings with alternative offerings. Over the past year, there has been a strong increase in player interest in cyber sports. This has given the betting industry not only a new direction for development, but also significantly rejuvenated the audience. And about a quarter of the users who come to the BK because of cybersports eventually bet on sports in other categories as well.

The list of exotic prediction destinations has expanded. Bets can be placed on Oscar results, Eurovision Song Contest, political elections and other events. The odds for them are small, and there is not much analytical data, but the trend will definitely evolve further.

Application of blockchain technology

Betting houses have always tried to offer the most convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money. The trend of implementing modern payment systems can be seen even now. In addition to standard electronic and mobile wallets, many companies have already introduced cryptocurrency payments. In time, it is predicted that there will be portals that will only work on blockchain technology.

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