How do in-play games help bookmakers increase profits?

High competition in the betting industry encourages bookmakers to constantly look for ways to expand their influence, offering more and more varied entertainment to the audience in order to retain attention and encourage the player to visit the site more often. One of the areas of focus for bookmakers has been live gambling. Melbet Ghana was the first to introduce them on its official website, and now our bookmakers are also actively promoting them. According to various data the profit of bookmakers from the live game ranges from 25 to 30%, which is a strong argument for the development of the direction.


What are the live games?

Live games are gambling games, usually lottery or card games, played live. Most betting shops focus on variants with simple rules and quick sessions – quick lottery, wheel of fortune, craps, simplified roulette. It is their simplicity that attracts players in the first place. You don’t have to spend hours parsing the rules to place your bets; they are very clear and transparent.

Not to be confused with in-play sports betting. The second option involves betting during a match or sporting event. Live betting cannot be called simple, as it requires not only attentiveness, but also broader knowledge, skill and experience, and a lightning-fast analysis of the situation.


What are the advantages of live gaming for players?

In addition to the transparency of the conditions, the percentage of trust in live games is usually higher than in regular slot machines or slots, where the chance of winning combinations depends on the algorithm of the software. By playing the game live, the ability to watch what is going on in the frame ensures maximum involvement. The player also sees that there is no outside influence on the results of the draws.

The interest in the new format of gambling entertainment cannot be overlooked. And the session time of a few minutes (experts advise no more than 3) makes it possible to get acquainted with it at any free moment:

  • on a break at work;
  • on the way home;
  • waiting for sports betting results;
  • interval between matches.  

In essence, live gambling has combined the virtues of casino and sports betting. Most players see online casinos as a way to have fun and make money. However, traditional slots and complex games like poker, blackjack are not suitable for everyone due to the length of the sessions, complex rules, and some simply do not trust them. Live sports betting has taken the credibility of the outcome from sports betting, but the result can be obtained much faster than the length of a football match or tournament. 

Advantages of live betting for bookmakers

Any sport has its seasonality, whereas live gambling is not affected by it. There are betting shops that run such sessions once a day, while others broadcast around the clock. That said, they are dynamic, highly profitable, not tied to users’ sporting hobbies, and therefore, with the right approach, can increase bookmakers’ profits month after month without reference to other factors.

Of course, this line of business involves additional investment. The company needs premises, special gambling and webcasting equipment, professional dealers or presenters. However, foreign bookmakers have already proved that these costs are fully repaid. And given the high demands of today’s consumer for quality and variety of services, it is simply not advisable to ignore such promising areas. 

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