Best Alcohol Treatment Center

Picking the Best Alcohol Treatment Center for Your Long-Term Recovery

What should you look for in an alcohol rehabilitation center? It starts with a top-notch staff that has decades of experience, an understanding of the nuances of detox, and a deep compassion for your unique needs. Add in a desire to help you recover in every way possible, including paying for medications and transportation to and from rehab. Add to that a facility with a sharp vision of what it can offer clients. Mix in a relaxing, picturesque setting where clients can start their journey to recovery – and don’t forget family.

The top alcohol rehab centers out there include a client’s loved ones in the recovery process, ensuring not only that everyone is on the same page but that the family members are also getting the support they need.

At Alcohol Rehab, we offer all of these ingredients and more. With a reputation as one of the best alcohol treatment centers in Florida, we provide individualized treatment for our clients trying to escape the vise-like grip of addiction. We believe in real recovery – treatment that equips our clients with tools to cope with real-world problems and stresses without veering off the path of sober living.

Top Alcohol Treatment Facility

Alcohol Rehab has a unique understanding of our clients and the journey they are on. Each of our staff members is a recovered alcoholic, and they can personally attest to the fear many alcoholics experience when they begin detoxification. With our guidance and support, alcoholics can feel confident and ready for the first step of medically managed alcohol detox.


After they begin to recover from this safe withdrawal program, clients begin our multi-disciplinary therapy. The 12 Keys Recovery Model includes:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Dual diagnosis for underlying mental and behavioral health issues, if necessary
  • A 12-step program
  • Sponsorship
  • Making friends in the program
  • Including family members in recovery
  • Recognized as the Best Treatment Center for Alcohol

No other top alcohol rehab in Florida or elsewhere can match our focus on real recovery. This means allowing clients to enter the real world during rehab, where they will deal with everyday stresses and triggers. Our clients will learn how to enjoy sober living.

We provide a wide range of activities to encourage the joy of living a sober life. These outdoor pursuits help clients to relax and repair, and they learn to have fun without the aid of alcohol. Realize that reading a book or getting some exercise can help a recovering alcoholic feel a different type of high. 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab clients particularly enjoy:

  • Playing golf
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Playing volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding

We also offer outings to nearby bowling alleys and movie theaters, getting our clients off the grounds and back into real-life surroundings. We believe clients cannot learn to live a sober lifestyle in a sterile hospital setting. They need to integrate their new coping tools into everyday living.

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