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About Alli

Alli is a very popular medicine used for weight loss. It includes a clinically proven ingredient now available without prescription. The ingredient works by preventing around 25% of dietary fat intake from being absorbed into your body. When used in this way it increases the weight loss by another 50%. So if you would normally lose 2 lb from you reduced calorie diet it would be 3 lb when taking these supplements.

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How does Alli work?

When you eat a meal your body stores some of the excess calories in the form of body fat. The active ingredient in it (orlistat) works in your digestive system attaching itself to body enzymes to stop the fat in the meal you have just eaten from being digested and absorbed. This undigested fat passes naturally through your system.

The tablet(s) are taken just before, with or within an hour of eating each main meal. Taking Alli in cunjuction with improving your diet, reducing portion sizes and undertaking more exercise you can realisticly expect to lose around 12 pounds a week in many cases. For every 2 pounds you would lose throught diet and excersise Alli can help you lose one pound more.

These pills are only recommended for people who have body mass index or BMI(body mass index) of 28 or more. They are not a miracle slimming pills, the capsules are designed to be used in combination with a health diet and excersise to helps you lose weight gradually.

How is Alli different?

It’s not a miracle pill or quick fix. Weight loss with Alli is gradual but long lasting and rewards and encourages a health balanced diet. It is clinically proven to increase weight loss when used in conjunction with a low calorie diet.
It is the first pharmacy only weight loss aid that has been medically licence throughout Europe. This means it has undergone many clinical trials.
It works only in your digestive system by preventing some of the fat you eat from being absorbed. It is not appetite suppressant or stimulant and does not effect you brain, heart rate, or blood pressure.
Alli has been incredibly successful in helping people lose weight in the USA. It is now available in the UK.

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