Alcohol and Prescription Addiction Treatment

Make the Decision to Enter Alcohol and Prescription Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and prescription painkillers are the two deadliest addictions in America, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Millions of people overdose every year on these harmful substances, and millions more don’t get the substance abuse treatment they so desperately need more at burniva. The good news is that you don’t have to let an alcohol and prescription pill addiction rule your life – recovery is possible. At 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab, we have helped many people beat pain pill and alcohol addiction and go on to lead satisfying, sober lifestyles.

Alcohol and Prescription Painkiller Addiction Treatment

Abusing alcohol and prescription painkillers force the brain to modify the way it releases chemicals. They also teach the brain to crave the substances to maintain equilibrium. If you withdraw suddenly from using alcohol and painkillers, you’ll likely notice the onset of extremely uncomfortable – and often dangerous – symptoms. With help from an alcohol and prescription addiction rehab, you can recover.

Not every rehab center or outpatient addiction program is created equal, however. Some rapid detox centers only provide support for the first difficult days of withdrawal. Other recovery centers confine patients in cold, clinical settings. At 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab, however, we believe our compassionate approach using evidence-based treatment and time-tested 12 Step care is a successful, enjoyable way to rebuild a life that has become out of control.

We Know How You’re Feeling

At 12 Keys Rehab, our staff knows exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. As recovered alcoholics, we know exactly how terrifying getting sober can feel. From the early days of nausea, anxiety and flu-like symptoms to learning how to fight cravings and anxiety, we teach and demonstrate how to live a satisfying lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. Should you also suffer from an untreated mental health disorder, such as depression, we can treat that, too.

Our staff is comprised of highly respected professionals in the fields of psychiatry and neurology, addiction medicine, therapy and counseling. We’ll design a customized program that will suit your specific needs. We’ll help you understand what drove you to seek solace in drinking and drugs, and we’ll teach you how to avoid the thought patterns and behaviors that often end in destructive behavior. You’ll also partner with a sponsor and attend daily meetings through our partnership with Alcoholics Anonymous, which for more than 75 years has helped more people get sober than any other treatment organization in the world.

Don’t Wait Until Rock Bottom

If you’ve recently started adding prescription pills like Xanax or painkillers to your already serious drinking habit, or if you’re modifying your pills to get a faster high, the time to get help is now. Mixing pills with alcohol can be very dangerous and in some instances the results are fatal. Don’t wait until rock bottom – just like climbing a hill is easier than scaling a mountain, so is starting addiction treatment before your dangerous habit spins out of control.

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