Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Gambling is a dangerous undertaking, and heavy users of drugs and alcohol are gambling with the highest of stakes. Individuals gamble that they won’t be arrested for using illegal substances, public intoxication, driving under the influence or worse – and typically, they gamble that their families will continue to support them as their addiction spirals out of control. Sometimes, they even gamble their lives, mixing a potentially deadly cocktail of drugs and alcohol that puts them in serious danger.

These addicts need treatment for alcohol and drugs, and they need a program that can address all of their chemical dependencies in one setting. They need individualized care that addresses their drug addiction as well as their alcohol addiction. They need a safe place to detox. Yet it’s estimated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that only about 11 percent of those with drug or alcohol addictions seek help, often because they are not sure how to find a program or an alcohol and drug treatment center.

One of the Top Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs in Florida

12 Keys Alcohol Rehab in Florida helps those with drug and alcohol addictions. We guide our clients through the difficult early days of drug and alcohol withdrawal through a carefully-structured detox program. Our counselors and staff, former addicts who understand the difficulties of drug and alcohol abuse firsthand, help manage the dangerous initial side effects.

Our clients receive one-on-one drug counseling as well as group therapy, with an emphasis on self-reflection and accountability. They are taught lessons moving them beyond detox and into true recovery, guiding them on the journey of discovery essential to living a sober life.

The Differences From Other Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol Rehab strives to be different from other treatment centers through the way we treat you, our client, and the activities and amenities we offer. Here are just a few things that make us unique:

We embrace distractions. Our goal is for clients to achieve life-lasting sobriety through a program that not only allows, but actually encourages, communication with the outside world. We believe that to achieve recovery, our patients need to learn how to cope with everyday stressors, frustrations and joys.
We encourage activities. We believe that an active, engaged person is a healthy person. Enjoying hobbies and outings that engage your mind and body will help to relax and refresh. This will allow you to focus more deeply on recovery.
We emphasize privacy. Alcohol Rehab accepts up to 30 clients at a time. The small number of clients coupled with a large and experienced staff means more personalized treatment, private or semi-private rooms, and 100 percent confidentiality.

A Treatment Program, Not a Punishment

Some addicts are scared to enter alcohol and drug treatment centers because they fear the pain and discomfort of withdrawal. This fear keeps many addicts from seeking any type of treatment at all. But at 12 Keys Alcohol Rehab, we do not believe in punishing addicts. Our medically assisted withdrawal program helps our clients recover safely, and we’re focused on treating the mental as well as the physical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. We know this isn’t a vacation, but we also know that playing golf and kayaking can play a role in rehab just like intensive therapy.

To put it simply, we think living life sober is fun.

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