60-Day Rehab

60-Day Alcohol Rehab

For many who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, taking time out from the normal responsibilities of life to focus exclusively on sobriety is essential. Experienced recovery professionals strongly recommend staying in residential recovery for as long as possible, and independent research from respected organizations such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse corroborates this recommendation.

If you have tried recovery before, or if your loved one has been using for years, a minimum of 60 days is recommended by 12 Keys Rehab.

At 12 Keys Rehab our private residential recovery program offers 30-day, 60-day, 90-day and extended care treatment to people suffering from addiction. Our 60-day alcohol and drug rehab program provides a solid foundation for lifelong abstinence well after residential-style care ends at our alcohol rehab.

60-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

Although leaving the responsibilities of home, work and relationships to focus on sobriety may seem overwhelming, at 12 Keys Rehab we strongly believe longer stays benefit our clients immensely. When a client first enters 12 Keys Rehab, the next several days — and sometimes longer — are spent detoxing from the effects of alcohol and drugs.

The severity of these symptoms can make focusing on therapy impossible. Once detox ends, those who enroll for shorter rehab stays only benefit from a couple of weeks of treatment. As addiction is a chronic relapsing disease, and cravings to relapse typically peak several weeks after sobriety starts, a 30-day stay in rehab may not be nearly long enough to sustain sobriety.

Our experienced staff is well qualified to help you address issues that may be challenging to longer rehab stays, such as childcare, work and other logistical problems. Although we do not provide those services ourselves, we can help your family plan solutions that will enable you to focus solely on your sobriety during your stay at 12 Keys Rehab.

What Happens During Treatment

There are three basic stages of substance abuse treatment. The earliest days are spent recovering from the physical effects of addiction. During medical detox our qualified and empathetic staff will provide 24-hour care to assure your safety and comfort.

Next, during the second phase, you’ll begin uncovering the reasons why addiction became a problem. For some clients these roots may be genetic in nature; others may have a preexisting mental health disorder or may be recovering from trauma or abuse.

Learning how to modify behaviors and thoughts to avoid using drugs and alcohol comes next. If necessary, continuing treatment for dual diagnosis will take place.

As our clients focus on their individual recoveries, they also begin to rebuild the relationships damaged by addiction. Family members stay involved during and after residential treatment.

Once the 60 days end, clients have the option to extend residential care or leave treatment. If leaving is necessary, our staff designs a comprehensive aftercare plan that addresses individual lifestyle needs. For all clients, those who accept that addiction is a disease requiring lifelong treatment will likely achieve the best treatment outcomes.

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