30-Day Rehab

30-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Rehab or residential substance abuse recovery program provides treatment for all aspects of addiction. Although recovery experts and independent research strongly suggest extended stays in residential care offer recovering addicts the strongest treatment outcomes, for many individuals, walking away from life for 60 days or longer is simply impossible.

We are committed to providing you or your loved one with the treatment that best suits your family’s needs. At our alcohol rehab 30 days may be the ideal length of time for you. Our 30-day alcohol rehab program provides complete care that can establish the foundation of a life-lasting sobriety.

When 30 Days Works Best

Insurance considerations, financial problems and other issues all have a way of intruding on the most important goal of all: sobriety. For those who are new to recovery, walking away from the responsibilities of home, relationships and work often seems unthinkable.

For example a busy executive might have difficulty taking off a weekend to focus on sobriety — never mind a month. A single mom might feel uncomfortable leaving her children with an ex-spouse, sibling or other family member. Still others might not yet feel that residential recovery is necessary — these clients may only agree to stay a month.

How Our 30 Day Rehab Program Works

Substance abuse recovery occurs in three phases. In the first phase, which often lasts about a week, the newly sober individual detoxes from alcohol and drugs. Once the fog lifts, the client begins working on achieving a psychological recovery.

In a 30-day program this leaves about three weeks to accomplish several essential goals. First the client works with our staff to determine the root causes that led to addiction. This may be an untreated trauma, a mental health disorder, or a combination of environmental and genetic causes.

Next the client learns the thoughts and surroundings that lead to abusive behavior. Learning to cope with cravings, defeating negative patterns and healing damaged relationships come next.

In the third phase the client leaves residential care and reenters the world. Armed with a customized aftercare program — along with the tools and techniques necessary to defeat addiction — a new lease on life begins.

Extending Your Stay

The 30-day rehab program accomplishes a great deal in a short period of time. Our experienced staff members, however, find that many 12 Keys Rehab clients wind up extending their stay once they realize how much better they feel in rehab. They may also be afraid of relapsing in the world outside residential care. This is a valid fear, as research demonstrates cravings to relapse peak several weeks into sobriety.

Clients may want to extend their stay from 30 days to 60 days, 90 days or longer. How long the extension lasts is entirely up to the client and the client’s family.

During longer stays further exploration into the root causes of addiction takes place. For clients who suffer from a dual diagnosis, this extended time is necessary to build the proper foundation for a life-lasting recovery.

Clients who are familiar with the residential rehabilitation process and who have relapsed into addiction are generally better served by committing to longer stays. In addition, those who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for years but have never attempted treatment are better suited to longer term stays, simply because these individuals do not know how to get through the day without using alcohol or drugs.

Get Your Life Back

If you have made the decision to get treatment for yourself or a loved one, congratulations on taking an important step toward living a life free from addiction’s grip. Call us at any time for more information — it’s free and confidential. We can help you and your family decide on the best course of treatment — all you have to do is ask.

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